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When I started this blog, I wanted to talk about anything, from food to sustainability to home organizing. The two other writers and I had fun with that, but now I know what I enjoy writing about the most. I grew up in a small town in Oklahoma, eating the same food most suburban, white folks eat. Now I’m more adventurous, I love learning about food, and I believe there are others out there like me. I want to share my journey and education so far and have my readers be a part of it all.

Starting in Winter 2022, tulhoma & co will officially become a mobile cookbook store based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I will use the website as a way to communicate things revolving around the store and what I learn from the cookbooks I sell and the people I meet along the way.

For the blog, I don’t plan on doing many personal recipes anymore. I think there are plenty available elsewhere. But I do plan on testing recipes and sharing the ones I love, collecting information to share, and overall making it easier to absorb that information so my readers can more easily test dishes and ingredients at home.

I’ve always wanted to be known for dishes. “Taryn, come over for [insert event] and please bring your [insert dish]. I’ve been craving it.” That’s my love language and is something I want to continue to improve and make that conversation happen often. I want to help my friends and readers find ingredients and dishes they love, not to intimidated, and grow their taste and preferences.

I also want to shine a light on how people eat differently and how to respect those differences. Whether they have food allergies, different budget, different cultural backgrounds, or different schedules, I want to show the creativity, the hardships, and the work-arounds. I think social media makes things seem too easy where we feel guilty that we aren’t whipping up elegant lunches and exotic dinners. I will be real and discuss all sorts of challenges, what’s worth it and what’s not.

Here are the four blog series I will focus on the most:

  • 25 Recipes: a series focused on creating a list of 25 recipes I’m comfortable with (I understand the ingredients, all steps, and know how to tweak as needed). These recipes I plan to cook for others and I want them to be good enough where people ask for the recipes and crave them.
  • Ingredients: diving deeper into ingredients. Whether they are common ingredients we always seem to have leftover that eventually go bad (celery, tomato paste, herbs), ingredients we may not all be comfortable with (seafood, tahini, fancy flours). I’ll discuss where to source, how to substitute if possible, how to use in multiple recipes, and their cultural and historical importance.
  • WMMDTM: “What my mom didn’t teach me.” From cooking techniques to cleaning and home organizing. Not all moms are Martha Stewart. If you didn’t grow up with a mom who loved the traditional ways of life, I’m here with you and we will learn together.
  • Different Tastes: How all sorts of people eat, grocery shop, cook, and prep. From people with non-traditional schedules to people of different cultural backgrounds, to those who have severe food allergies or other dietary restrictions. Not only to create empathy and understanding, but also just a cool way to connect with people and see how others spend their time in the kitchen.

I hope some of these topics interest you. I have a long list of really fun posts I’m working on. Chili oils from around the world. A peanut stew that crosses oceans. How to use an entire jar of tahini (I’ll be mixing it with Chinese, Japanese, and even Mexican ingredients). How to prep your freezer to make better planned recipes: vegetable stock, pesto in a pinch, casseroles. Mastering techniques that span cultures and meals to keep your meals interesting without stressing you out. You kinda get it now, right? It’ll be fun. Check back in later.

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  1. WMMDTM is such a cool idea. I think we all secretly wanted to be like Martha Stewart, B. Smith, or Ina Garden! There is something so beautiful about being able to balance the domestic arts. I love your idea and I look forward to your posts!

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