tulhoma & co. was founded in February 2020 as a website focused on helping others to reconnect with living more intentionally. We show our readers how small changes can over time create a wonderfully simple life. From getting more comfortable in the kitchen, having a better understanding of how to treat our bodies, how to better respect others and the world, and how our homes can be exactly what we need without wanting more. Ignore the advertisements and the fast-acting products, and learn to make decisions that make your mind and heart feel good. Slow down and appreciate what you already have.

In September 2022, we launched our kitchen supply and cookbook popups around Oklahoma. Stay tuned on where we will be posted up next.

Taryn, writer

Taryn, founder and writer: food, personal and financial advice, travel. I’ve always loved food and recently been spending more time learning about where my food comes from and how I can use simple ingredients to create better meals. I love learning about different cultures and introducing exotic ingredients and cooking methods to my friends. I hope our readers become more comfortable in the kitchen and more adventurous when they’re buying and trying new foods.

Bethany, writer

Bethany, writer: sustainability, home care, food, books. I enjoy reading, cooking, and traveling. Over the last few years I have become interested in sustainability and finding ways to live a greener lifestyle. While I have made changes to my lifestyle to create less waste, I’m still learning new ways to improve all the time. I can’t wait to share with you all of the easy tips I’ve tried and dive deeper into what it takes to be more sustainable.

Alexys, writer

Alexys, writer: wellness, skincare, food. I love researching skincare as well as learning about the mind & body connection and how it affects mental and physical health. I also love traveling, cooking, and finding new ways to cut down on waste. Though I’m still on my own journey with these things, I hope to share tips along the way and make information easy for anyone to access and implement in their life.

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