Mobile Bookstore

Tulhoma now has a mobile bookstore based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our goal is to educate Tulsans and our visitors on how to eat a little better, whether that be healthier or more adventurous. Follow along on our Instagram for updates.

We have a large selection of cookbooks representing 30+ countries, different dietary restriction (gluten-free, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, etc), food writing, boozy books, gardening books, fiction books with food elements, kids books, and the like.

Right now, you can find our schedule on our Instagram, @tulhoma. We are at Foolish Things Coffee most Saturdays in Tulsa. We are also doing several events and other popups in the area in the coming months.

I grew up in Cleveland, Oklahoma and I didn’t experience other cuisines until I was in college, but I was always open to trying new things. I have a distinct memory of sharing oysters with my dad at Freddie’s Steakhouse in Mannford when I was around 12 years old. That set the tone for my entire life. I got to study aboard in China, Taiwan, Vietnam, France, and Brazil in undergrad at the University of Tulsa. And in Singapore, England, Vietnam, and Cambodia in grad school at the University of Oklahoma. I worked in agriculture technology in Tokyo, Japan. I lived in Washington, DC where my neighborhood alone had three Ethiopian restaurants and two Afghan restaurants. I tried simple things: pho, Brazilian barbeque, crepes, ramen, and curries. But I also had things I’d never heard of: snake vodka, fried scorpions, snails, raw horse meat, puffin jerky. I’m not trying to convince my readers to try all of those, but I am saying if I can expand my palate, appreciation, and respect of other cultures, I think everyone can.

If you are interested in hosting a popup at your business or work, message us at! We would love to do a book swap, an adult scholastic book fair, or a book-themed happy hour.

If you are an author, chef, food producer, etc. and want to plan an event together, message us at!

Looking forward to an amazing year full of great food and conversations. love, taryn