Fun Fall & Winter Fragrances 2020, Plus DIY Room Spray

One of the things I look forward to when fall arrives is all of the deep, warm scents that come out, mostly in the form of candles, but I also enjoy bringing my more intense perfumes out to be used through the colder seasons. 

I know a lot of people have tighter budgets this year, and while purchasing a fragrance seems a bit frivolous, I think it’s still fun to explore different scents and ideas of things to look for, even if you don’t plan on buying anything. I also know pumpkin spice is popular this time of year so I do have one mention of a pumpkin spice scented candle, but this post is mostly focused on deeper notes that I love smelling when it’s cold and dry outside, rather than any particular scent. I also decided to make my own room spray, so I will talk about how and what I used to make my own candy cane scent!


Nest New York: Velvet Pear  (small size)

Pear might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a fall scent, but I think it’s a great option if you prefer lighter or more crisp scents yet still want to keep it seasonal. I bought the mini size of this candle and it literally filled a good sized room with the delightful fragrance, it was amazing! I was pleasantly surprised how long this candle lasted and because of that, I’ve continued purchasing from this brand, when I can, despite the higher price tag. I actually prefer getting the mini sizes now so that I can switch them up more often.

P.F. Candle CO: Spiced Pumpkin

If you’re a fan of the ever popular pumpkin spice, this is a great option! Fall scented candles can be hit or miss, but I thoroughly enjoyed burning this and would repurchase. 

The Nest: Driftwood (D)

If you’re local to Tulsa or surrounding areas, you might already know about the Nest hand poured candles, but if you don’t, they are now selling online so this is a great way to support a local business without having to get out of the house!  

Night Space: Bronze, Metallic Sun (notes are sugarcane, leather, and cedar Leaf)

The beginning of this year when casual shopping was still a thing, I went into a store I’d been eyeing for a couple of years. I was mostly curious to see if they carried any brands I couldn’t otherwise find in-store (in my area), but when I saw the table of candles, I was determined to smell all of them (and I did.. probably more than once). This bronze candle was by far my favorite and I was very close to purchasing it, but decided the price was a bit too high for me. Nonetheless, I really fell for this scent and still remember it several months later.  

Paddywax: Pomegranate + Spruce

For when you want a bit of spice!


Replica: By the Fireplace

This is one I haven’t purchased myself, but I have smelt it many times in store. The description is pretty much in the name; smoky, woody, and sweet notes. I would personally wear this in the winter time.

Laura Mercier: Vanille

Vanilla can easily be overdone, but this perfume does vanilla well! The notes include sandalwood and amber. This works fantastically If you are a true vanilla fan and like a long-lasting scent. I love using this in the winter because it is sweet and warm. I also love spritzing this on my coats and jackets since it really sticks and plays well with other fragrances. 

Ellis Brooklyn: Myth 

I discovered this fragrance last December and wore it through the winter months, so it’s only fitting I mention it here. This is a woody, warm, and delightfully musky scent with notes of cedar wood, jasmine, tiger orchid and bergamot. I’m looking forward to repurchasing for this winter as well!

Nest New York: Ginger & Neroli Body Mist

If you want a bit of spice in spray form! This Nest fragrance offers some spice with the ginger note, but also brightness from the neroli. It is a beautiful scent! 

Escentric Molecules 01:

I bought this years ago on a whim. I wouldn’t normally buy a perfume before smelling it first (or better yet, testing it on my skin to know how it wears/how long it lasts), but the description of it pulled me in, and I’m glad I did it.If you’re a fan of Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue or Glossier You perfume, this is in the same ballpark and there’s a good chance you will enjoy it as well.

Homemade Air Freshener 

I’m not one to attempt very many DIY recipes, especially when it comes to fragrance, however, I bought several essential oils earlier this year in hopes that I could finally attempt making my own roll-on perfume oil (and maybe get close to a perfume I liked that had an exorbitant price-tag). I love the idea of customizing a scent or smelling something lovely and being able to, at least somewhat, recreate it myself. After some failed attempts at blending pretty much every oil I could think of, I decided to try a spray instead.

Since I absolutely love peppermint (year round, but particularly in the fall/winter time), I decided to go with a candy cane scent. I have a hard time finding sprays and candles that are as strong as I want peppermint scented products to be and aren’t overly sweet, so this DIY version allows me to mix and adjust the oils to my liking. It is also so easy to make!


  1. This is the post I used as a guideline for my spray. 
  1. Witch hazel is added to help the oils and water mix together easier. I only had cucumber scented witch hazel, but once I added the oils I didn’t smell the cucumber at all, although I wasn’t too concerned since I think cucumber and mint go well together anyway. 
  1. Essential oils can get pretty expensive, especially if buying higher quality, so I tend to reserve the more expensive oils for projects, like a perfume oil, when I will be putting them on my skin. For home fragrance or sprays I prefer going for the cheapest option. For example, I bought the biggest and least pricey bottle of peppermint oil I can find at the grocery store because I go through it so quickly and don’t use it on my skin.  Also, what I don’t use in the spray I will use in my diffuser or wax warmer, so no drops will go to waste.

My Candy Cane Blend

What are your favorite fall/winter scents?

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  1. Fragrances can really add a lot of atmosphere! I’ve been enjoying a spiced apple soyblend candle I came across. I also enjoy subtle vanillas/cinnamons this time of hear when they are not overpowering. 😄

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